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The Department has a rich heritage and a strong reputation for research and development activities of internationally acclaimed standards. The Department envisions in empowering the students to apply acquired knowledge and skills innovatively to meet evolving global challenges. The Department is one of the primary departments in the institution with the student strength of two intakes.

The department offers the following courses:

Graduates of Electronics and Communication Engineering Programme should be able to:

Students graduating from Electronics and communication Engineering should be able to:

The Department has well Equipped laboratories

The ANSYS 5G Antenna Innovation Hub is established at a cost of 27lakhs, specifically to execute the ACITE-RPS funded project sanctioned in the academic year 2021-2022. In this lab students are initiated to promote research and develop their skills in designing antennas for various applications. The laboratory is equipped with ANSYS 3D Electromagnetic simulation software-HFSS (High frequency Structure Simulator) installed in modern high end desktops. The students design antennas theoretically and use HFSS to simulate, fabricate and test the wearable and implantable microstrip antennas using Network analyzer.

HFSS is also suitable for designing two or three dimensional structural RF products such as Filters, microwave components, RADARs and communication devices. The electromagnetic behavior of the objects can be visualized and analyzed before making a prototype. EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) related issues between components in circuits can also be analyzed. HFSS is not only limited to electronic applications but can also be extended to satellite design, biomedical, automobile and aero modelling.

This lab is also equipped with a two port Vector Network Analyzer suitable to test the fabricated antenna and RF components operating in the frequency range of 1 MHz to 14GHz covering the ISM, UWB and 5G applications. The analyser has full S-parameter test sets (S11, S21, S12 and S22) for bidirectional measurements of passive components. Apart from impedance characterises, reflection and coupling effects of transmission lines and RF components can be analysed.

The laboratory extends its facility to external research community as RF consultant with affordable cost.


“We welcome you to one of the best departments of KIT as undergraduate or post graduate student and we hope to be part of your success. The department works with the objective of addressing critical challenges faced by the Electronics Industry, society and the academia. Perhaps even more important is our untiring commitment to our students, helping them to learn, grow, develop, and achieve their goals in their pursuit to excel in their professional career.”


Know more about our experienced faculty members
S.No Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining the Institution
1 Dr.K.Ramasamy M.E., Ph.D Professor & Dean (Academic & Research) 23.12.2019
2 Dr.R.Gowrishankar M.Tech, Ph.D Associate Professor 02.06.2008
3 Dr.M.Jayasheela M.E., Ph.D Professor 06.06.2013
4 Dr.B.Senthilkumar M.E., Ph.D Professor 09.11.2015
5 Dr.A.Parimala Gandhi M.E., Ph.D Associate Professor 21.06.2013
6 Dr.C.Sivamani M.E., Ph.D Associate Professor 14.02.2022
7 Dr.K.Jayaram M.E., Ph.D Assistant Professor 15.03.2023
8 Dr.P.Gowtham M.E., Ph.D Assistant Professor 28.06.2023
9 Dr.B.A.Sapna M.E., Ph.D Assistant Professor 18.07.2022
10 Dr.M.Sakthimohan M.Tech., Ph.D Assistant Professor 10.07.2023
11 Dr.N.Prakash M.E., Ph.D Assistant Professor 23.06.2014
12 Mr.G.Sathish Kumar M.Tech., Ph.D Assistant Professor 06.06.2011
13 Ms.R.Krishnaveni M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor (Sl.G) 22.12.2010
14 Mr.S.Maria Antony M.E., M.B.A Assistant Professor (Sl.G) 21.06.2013
15 Mr.K.Yogeshwaran M.E. , (Ph.D) Assistant Professor (Sl.G) 21.06.2013
16 Mr.C.Ramesh M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor (Sl.G) 21.06.2013
17 Mr.S.Tamilselvan M.E Assistant Professor (Sr.G) 23.06.2014
18 Mr.M.Premanand M.Tech Assistant Professor 06.09.2012
19 Mr.P.Balasubramani M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 23.06.2014
20 Mrs.M.Vaishnavi M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 01.07.2016
21 Mrs.V.Lalithamani M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 01.07.2016
22 Ms.S.Gokila M.E Assistant Professor 01.07.2016
23 Mr.T.GowthamPrasath M.E Assistant Professor 01.07.2019
24 Ms.P.Monisha M.E Assistant Professor 21.03.2022
25 Ms.S.Janani sri M.E Assistant Professor 01.06.2021
26 Mrs.S.Sheeba M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 16.7.2022
27 Mrs.S.Priyatharsini M.E Assistant Professor 01.08.2022
28 Ms.P.Gnanapriya M.E Assistant Professor 01.03.2023
29 Ms.B.Anitha M.E Assistant Professor 12.06.2023


S.No Name of the Faculty Member Qualification Designation Date of Joining the Institution
1 Dr.Shriram Kris Vasudevan M.E., Ph.D Adjunct Professor 01.07.2021

M.E - VLSI Design

S.No Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining the Institution
1 Dr.K.R.Shankar Kumar M.E., Ph.D Professor 05.10.2016
2 Ms.S.Sindhumathy M.E Assistant Professor 06.03.2017
3 Ms.P.Ramya M.E Assistant Professor 15.07.2022

M.E - Applied Electronics

S.No Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining the Institution
1 Dr.P.Poongodi M.E., Ph.D Professor 01.11.2016
2 Ms.R.Arthi M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 29.06.2015
3 Mr.E.Udayakumar M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 01.07.2016
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