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The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a highly integrated curriculum of education and research to keep in pace with the changing needs of educational standards. The course intends to apply the principles of materials science to the creation, design, maintenance and analysis of mechanical systems. The department has grown three folds to become one of the largest departments in the Institution.

The department offers the following courses:

Course Layout
Introduces the initial designing and sizing process - Basic Design

Applications in various fields

Benefits of the Course:

Association with reputed companies / industries like CODISSA, COINDIA, CII, Rabwin Industries, Indoshell, KKM soft, Roots, Riveraa Pumps, KPM Plastics, Vishal Precision Products Private Ltd., Bull Agro Implements, ESCORTS, Coimbatore Institute of Technology and Universal Heat Exchangers to develop the professional skills of the student.


“A warm Greetings from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KIT. Mechanical Engineering is a professional core engineering discipline that deals with the design, production and maintenance of any produce of any industry. Our department has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty, good infrastructure and lab facilities. The core values of the department help the students to develop their overall personality and make them worthy to compete and work at global level. I am certain that our students will prove to be an invaluable asset to an organization.”

Dr.J. Maniraj – Head of Mechanical Department


Know more about our experienced faculty members
S.No Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr.N.Mohan Das Gandhi Professor & Principal M.E., Ph.D
2 Dr.M.Ramesh Professor & Vice Principal M.E., Ph.D
3 Dr.J.Maniraj Professor & HoD M.E., Ph.D
4 Dr.M.Muthukrishnan Professor M.E., Ph.D
5 Dr.S.Sudhagar Assistant Professor (SL.GR) Ph.D
6 Dr.C.Ramesh Assistant Professor M.E., Ph.D
7 Dr.Arivumani Ravanan Assistant Professor M.E., Ph.D
8 Dr.V.Suresh Associate Professor M.E., Ph.D
9 Dr.P.Prabu Associate Professor M.E., Ph.D
10 Dr.R.Saravanan Assistant Professor M.E., Ph.D
11 Dr.A.Felix Sahayaraj Assistant Professor M.E., Ph.D
12 Mr.P.Hariprasad Assistant Professor M.E., Ph.D(Pursuing)
13 Mr.R.Prem Kumar Assistant Professor M.E., Ph.D(Pursuing)
14 Mr.P.Ramachandran Associate Professor M.E
15 Mr.M.Kannan Assistant Professor M.E
16 Mr.K.Govindraj Assistant Professor M.E
17 Mr.C.Ramkumar Assistant Professor M.E
18 Mr.S.Dhamotharan Assistant Professor M.E
19 Mr.S.Dhanaprabhu Assistant Professor M.E
20 Mr.A.Arunkumar Assistant Professor M.E
21 Mr.R.Deepak Assistant Professor M.E
22 Mr.S.Praveen Assistant Professor M.E
23 Mr.D.Sandeep Assistant Professor M.E
24 Mr.Rajmurugan Assistant Professor M.E
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