The MCA curriculum focuses on the analytical ability of the student. The curriculum is framed in such a way that the students are made strong enough in the basic concepts of computer science and applications. The Elective Subjects are framed in such a way that they can build on the latest trends in computer technology.

To fine-tune the present curriculum, a number of practical papers are added to the curriculum to make the students strong in the implementation of the learnt concepts, as the implementation of knowledge is more important than the mere learning of concepts.

The department carves the students with excellent infrastructure providing the latest advances in technology to update the technical knowledge. MCA Department helps in providing world-class talent pupils and creates some of the finest software professionals. Concept-oriented subject knowledge is supplemented with practical training. The strength of the Department is found in the quality of its faculty & students. Our Department is bestowed with an experienced team of faculty members with excellent academic records and proficiency.


Name Qualification Designation
Mr. R. Punithavel MCA. Assistant Professor
Ms. S. Avilasha MCA. Assistant Professor
Ms.S.Deepa B.E,M.E., Assistant Professor
Ms. R.P. Shermy B.E,M.E., Assistant Professor
Ms. A. Kavitha MCA. Assistant Professor
Mr. R. Rambalaji MCA. Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Applications(PG)

S. No Theme / Topic Resource Person Name, Designation, Name of the Company Date Source of funding Beneficiaries
1 Intercollegiate meet VIRTUS’12 Mr.  Lakshmi Narayanan, Asst. General Manager, CUB, Ramnagar, Coimbatore 22.02.2012 KIT 2000
2 Intercollegiate meet VIRTUS’12 Mr. Dindugal I. Leoni, Public Speaker 18.12.2012 KIT 1200
3 Seminar on Big-Data Mr. L.Shivram, CEO, Classle Knowledge Pvt. Ltd



KIT 61
4 Workshop on Dot Net Mr. A. Alwin Samuel Selvakumar, Quality Assurance Manager in Test Management, Jean Martin Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, 10.09.2013 KIT 61
5 Symposium PLETHORA’14; Mr. Chandrasekar Chenniappan, Head-Human resources, Atmel Corporation, Chennai 22.02.2014 KIT 23
6 Intercollegiate meet VIRTUS’14 Mr. Kitty @ Krishnamurthy, Actor & Corporate Trainer, Film Actor, Chennai 25.02.2014 KIT 600
7 Seminar on Internet of Things – Towards a Connected World Mr. Rahul Ganapathy, Product Manager, HCL technologies Ltd, Chennai 06.09.2014 Association Fund 71
8 Intercollegiate meet  VIRTUS’14 Vithaga Kavingnar” Mr. Paa Vijay, Lyricists 17.12.2014 KIT 2275
9 International conference on ICIC2 Dr. Maode Ma, Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 06.03.2015 KIT 120
10 International conference on ICIC2 Dr. Han-Chieh Chao, Professor, National Illan University, Taiwan 07.03.2015 KIT 120
11 Guest Lecture on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Internet of Things Mr. Chiranjeev Brahma, Country Manager India, SAP India Private Limited, Bangalore 08.07.2015 KIT 68
12 Guest Lecture on “How to become an industry ready engineer? & Big Data Analytics Mr. Krishna Kant, Head EMC , Academic Alliance (South Asia, Russia, ANZ) 13.08.2015 KIT 71
13 Guest Lecture on Big-Data in Tamil Computing Mr. Vignesh Raj, Research Scholar, Shaffield Hatlam University, England 18.09.2015 KIT 63
14 Workshop on Data Science and Big Data Analytics Mr. K.Shanmugavel, 19.02.2016 to 20.02.2016 KIT 45