Anti Ragging and Disciplinary Committee


    • 1. The punishment to be meted out has to be exemplary and justifiably harsh to act as a deterrent against recurrence of such incidents.
    • 2. Every single incident of ragging where the victim or his parent/guardian or the Head of Institution is not satisfied with the institutional arrangement for action, a First Information Report must be filed without exception by the institutional authorities with the local police authorities.
    • 3. Any failure on the part of the institutional authority or negligence or deliberate delay in lodging the FIR with the local police shall be construed to be an act of culpable negligence on the part of the institutional authority. If any victim or his parent/guardian of ragging intends to file FIR directly with the police, that will not absolve the institutional authority from the requirement of filing the FIR.
    • 4. In the prospectus to be issued for admission by educational institutions, it shall be clearly stipulated that in case the applicant for admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later that he/she has indulged in ragging, admission may be refused or he/she shall be expelled from the educational institutions.

5. It shall be the collective responsibility of the authorities and functionaries of the concerned institutions and their role shall also be open to scrutiny for the purpose of finding out whether they have taken effective steps for preventing ragging and in case of their failure, action can be taken; for example, denial of any grant-in-aid or assistance from the State Governments.

  • 6. Anti-ragging committees and squad shall be forthwith formed by the institutions and it shall be the job of the committee or the squad, as the case may be, to see that the Committee’s recommendations, more particularly those noted above, are observed without exception and if it is notice that there is deviation, the same shall be immediately brought to the notice of this court.
  • 7. The Committee constituted pursuant to the order of this Court shall continue to monitor the functioning of the anti- ragging committees and the squads to be formed. They shall also monitor the implementation of the recommendations to which reference has been made above.



  • i. Ragging means
    • a) Display of noisy, disorderly conduct doing any act which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment to a student in any educational institution.
    • b) Teasing, abusing of, playing practical jokes or causing hurt to such students.
    • c) Asking the students to do any act or perform something which such student will not in the ordinary course willingly do.
  • ii. Ragging in colleges is a cognizable offence.
  • iii. Ragging within or outside any educational institution is totally prohibited.
  • iv. Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates “ragging” within or outside any educational institution, shall be punished with imprisonment for a team which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to a fine which may extend to Rs. 10,000/-
  • v. Any student convicted of an offence under section 4 shall also be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution.
  • vi. Whenever any student complains of ragging to the Head of an educational institution or any other person responsible for the management, such person shall enquire into the same immediately and if found true shall suspend the student, who has committed the offence, from the educational institution.
  • vii. If the Head of the educational institution or the person responsible for management of the educational institution falls or neglects to take action when a complaint of ragging is made, such person shall be deemed to have abetted the offence of ragging and shall be punished as provided for in section 4.

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